Water can have deeply soothing properties.  The trickling of a stream or the gushing sounds of a waterfall can play the background music to a meditative practice.  Try some of the following exercises to support you to connect with nature using water as your guide.


Orchestral Water.  Sit by a running stream or river.  What is the prevailing sound from the body of water you have chosen to work with?  Tune in a little more; can you detect different pitches and tones as the water runs over the river bed, or pebbles or stones? Sit for 20 minutes or so and tune into the orchestral waters.

Dip.  Dip your feet or hands into a stream or a lake.  Notice how the water feels as you first put your feet in. Watch how the water flows over your skin as you immerse your feet or hands.  Touch or stand on the bed of the stream - is it soft, hard, rough or smooth. Feel into your body - do you feel more cleansed, connected or grounded in the moment?   Let the wind dry your feet or hands and experience the feeling of nature cleansing you.