Rock Balance.  Balancing rocks can be a very soothing and mindful exercise; it could even be called an 'artform'!  Andy Goldsworthy is a huge inspiration and if you haven't heard of his work; you can find out more here; Andy Goldsworthy


Rather than an explanation of how to balance rocks (as I'm certainly no expert!) I recommend this instructional video; Rock Balancing

Please remember to 'leave no trace', return the rocks to where you found them and disturb the natural environment as little as possible.

Good Luck

Stone Balancing

Self Balance.  Humans beings have evolved with an innate sense of balance.  The sense of balance or equilibrioception is the perception of balance and spatial orientation.  The eyes (visual system), the inner ears (vestibular system), and the body's awareness of where it is in space (proprioception) all need to be in good operating order for balance to be achieved. 

Try balancing on a log, or a stone; keeping your head up and your arms out.  Use one of the breathing techniques found on the 'breathe' page; I recommend the box breathing technique to keep you grounded and aware of your self in your balanced state.