Nature Journaling Workshops

Our relationship with nature is a key factor in its positive impact on our wellbeing.  Researchers use the term "connectedness" to describe the ideal relationship.  Connectedness refers to the way we relate to and experience nature. Connecting with nature can be done in many ways. We can develop our connection with nature by engaging in activities that involve our senses. One of these many ways is by keeping a nature journal.  Journaling in nature can help you to find 'mindfulness', allowing you the opportunity to 'be present' with your senses and research has now found that nature journaling is a great way to keep our brains fit by building new connections between neurons and strengthening those that already exist. 

Join one of our workshops to start your nature journaling journey today.  A typical half-day workshop will comprise introductions, facilitator-led activities, time to journal in nature alone or with a partner and to end - a sharing circle.  You should bring: a journal, pens and pencils (a range of other mediums will be supplied), warm clothing and sturdy boots.


psiturism painted stone in leaves