Nature produces the most wonderful scents and we can use these aromas as part of a natural mindfulness walk to awaken our olfactory sense to the perfume of nature!  Try some of the following suggestions for a truly wonderful nature immersion experience.

Chase. Whilst out on your natural mindfulness walk; if you identify a pleasing scent - chase it!  See if you can follow the scent to its originator!

Eyes Closed! Notice if your sense of smell becomes stronger if you close your eyes.

In the beginning. When you first embark on a natural mindfulness walk, take a deep breath through your nose.  Try to identify the scents you are experiencing; forest floor, the smell of fir trees or pine, blossom, cut grass, ozone?  Which of these scents can you identify as you walk mindfully?

Get a whiff. Pick up an item - a pine cone, a leaf, or some moss for example (I personally like to pick up a handful of forest floor) and smell it.  Can you smell it as it sits in your hand?  What does it smell like as you move it closer to your nose?  How does the scent make you feel; does it bring any emotions to the surface?