The Mindful Five

The Mindful Five is an exercise that can be done at any time of a natural mindfulness walk, although I feel it is a great starter as it can be used as a 'warm up' exercise for your senses; similar to warming up before a jog or a run!

See - notice five things you can see

Hear - notice four things you can hear

Feel/touch - notice three things that you can feel or touch

Smell - notice two things you can smell

Taste - notice one thing you can taste

Finally - notice if you feel you are a little more connected to your senses after completing the exercise.

looking up a Holm Oak

Barefoot. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot - over the forest floor, through a field or across the beach.  Experience the feeling of being in contact with the earth and manifest your own true nature through this truly grounding exercise.