Guided Nature Connection Walks

Guided nature connection walks are meditative walks that are taken in a natural environment.  Meditative walks aim to support mental wellbeing by focusing on the senses, slowing down and creating peace and serenity.  We will use mindfulness techniques to deeply connect with nature using our senses which will pique our curiosity for the natural world and the ways in which we are interconnected.  Throughout the walk, we will participate in mindful meditations that will shift your focus to awareness and attention.  Our walks are informed and underpinned by The Nature Connectedness Framework (University of Derby) and we embed the 5 pathways to nature connection in every walk - beauty, contact, meaning, emotion and compassion.  Every walk will be unique to each individual, so to complete the walk we will partake in a sharing circle to share our thoughts, feelings and any insights we may have had.  The sharing circle will be free of judgement.  

Walks are 2 hours long, although we don't walk far - it's the journey that is important, rather than the destination!  You will need to wear comfortable walking boots.

Tree 3
Tree 4