Wifi Listening.  I call this exercise 'wifi listening' as it starts with the 'self' and projects outwards - a little like the universal wifi symbol!  Find a quiet spot and start to listen with intent.  Start with yourself - what can you hear; perhaps your heart beating or your breath as you inhale and exhale. Then move outwards to just outside your body; perhaps you can hear the wind as it passes your ears, or the rustle of grass under your feet.  Next, listen for sounds in your near proximity - perhaps within your own comfort space; do you hear animals in the undergrowth or the trickling of water if you are seated next to a stream.  Take your hearing outwards further still; perhaps you can tune into the birds singing or the wind in the tree canopy.  Finally, take your hearing out as far as you can hear; maybe you can hear other people or cars on the road or even an aeroplane.  Then; if you want to; you do the exercise in reverse, starting with the furthest sounds you can hear moving back in towards your body and finishing with the 'self'.

field grass fir trees